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Max Points: 6.0 One view of reality, solipsism, asserts that the mind and mind alone creates the world and one's reality. Does this align with or rest contrary to the view expressed by von Glasersfeld (1989)? Explain. After reading the von Glasersfeld article, how will you create the reality of your doctoral journey as it relates to you own self-identity? The article I feel is contrary to the solipsistic view point, Von Glasersfeld (1989) asserts the kind of constructivism he is advocating for is a theory of knowledge and not being, he feels this knowledge has to do with how a organism fits into the world and experiences it. The question of how do we know what we know, what is reality is an ever present question. Thinking solipsistically about the question i would hold that the statement of the mind and the mind alone creating one’s world would be true. If the world around us is a matter of what is imbibed through the senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) then a solipsistic view of the world would hold true. All of the of senses are interpreted by the mind and as such the mind creates the reality. A person with autism or schizophrenia may see the world completely different than what we may call a “normal” person because of how there minds perceives the world around them. Von Glasersfeld, E. (1989). Facts and the self from a constructivist view. Poetics, 18 (4-5), 435-448 Max Points: 6.0 How can self-schemata help prepare you for the rigors and high expectations of being a doctoral learner? Explain.

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