Discrimination of Women Because of Patriarchy Economically

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THE ESSAY QUESTION: What is patriarchy? What are the origins of patriarchy?Are women really discriminated and subordinated because of the patriarchal rules or are there ‘other’ reasons? Why? Why not? Discrimination of Women Because of Patriarchy Economically All over the world people are imposed by a system which declares them the boundaries between women and men and expresses that “the most powerful roles in most sectors of society are held predominantly by men, and the least powerful roles are held predominantly by women.”(Allan 1) This system is named as patriarchy and while it is shaping people according to patriarchy’s rules, people are unaware of this huge because after a while patriarchy is regarded as an objective system. Thus, not many people hesitate about patriarchal rules and reject patriarchy’s affirmation. Also they obey patriarchal rules. There are definitions of patriarchy in dictionaries such as “a social system in which the oldest man rules his family and passes power and possessions on to his sons.”(Longman 2) This one points out patriarchal system’s permanent effect on society. Although firsly these effects form social life , also effects on economical areas should be concerned. Because any change in economical areas can result in social problem for females. It is obvious that women encounter with dicrimination in their lives, in terms of economical factors such as wage discrimination, insurance issues for female worker and discrimination against women during recruitment process. Although there are laws to protect women against wage dicrimination , there is still inequality between women and men’s payment. According to a study which is conducted by America’s Union Movement, “The average working
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