Discrimination: Never Put To Rest Essay

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Discrimination: Never put to rest After the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves from the south, "for blacks that meant a renewal of hope: of economic opportunity, social mobility, and political expectations."Most blacks believed, that discrimination had came to an end after the Martin Luther King Jr speech. " I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin. but by the content of their character". My experience with discrimination shows that it is still present today. Many people are bias in various ways; judging others because of where their form, the crowd they hang with, or even the way they dress. I have been discriminated because of the way i dress my dialect and the nagetive things they have heard about where am from. In late October 2002, when I first arrive in the United States from Europe and the day started as a normal first day of school. I didn’t know anyone and it seemed as though everyone around me had already established their friendships for the year. Sitting in the back of the room I hear my teacher say "ok class it's time for recess." I walked outside, and after looking at the play yard, I decided to play on the swing. A few minutes passed when this girl by the name of Iteia came up to me and said "get off the swing." After I got off, she yelled "you stupid Africans don’t even know what a swing is!" I left the swing feeling ashamed; because I couldn't believed she would judge me by the color of my skin without knowing my background. I was raised to believe that America was the "land of freedom and peace," but in just a week I experienced the total opposite. Although this experience has had the greatest impact on my life, prejudice does not only exist in America. All around the world people make false judgments about their surroundings. I have been is

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