Discrimination In Schools Essay

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Body: Identity and self-certainty: Identity can be linked to either a personal- or social context. In relation to the educational system where children of various racial backgrounds usually identify with children of the same background, it is important to give consideration to the definition of a social/group identity. “Social identity refers simply to a social set of people, marked by a label and distinguished by rules deciding membership and (alleged) characteristic features or attributes. Social identity have two distinguishing features: First they are defined by implicit or explicit rules of membership, according to which individuals are assigned. Secondly social categories are understood in terms of set characteristics, e.g. beliefs, desires, moral commitments or physical attributes.” (Fearon 1999: 2, 13 – 14). The term self-certainty refers to the absolute belief that what you think, what you like and who you are is without a doubt the ultimate truth. ( die “wat” vraag) According to many Afrikaners “If we were to lose our language, we would become nothing”. (Visser: 9). “Many Afrikaners believe that the survival of their culture and ethnic identity, ultimately depends on the survival of their language and they fear that the predominance of English in the Educational system, will eventually lead to Afrikaans institutions of learning becoming anglicized.” (Visser: 9). According to Jansen (2011: 35), “The poor were 40 – 50 percent of the Afrikaner community and without Afrikaans they were powerless, without meaning, doomed to poverty and backwardness, doomed to worthlessness, ready to be forgotten – people without a language and without hope. I wish to make claim that Afrikaans as language of communication and as official language, did more to uplift the Afrikaners than work reservation...” “To this day, for Afrikaners the strongest sense of

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