Discrimination in Police Force

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Power and Control in the Police Force Society reaffirms patriarchal masculinity as “men” being able to protect society, especially those who cannot defend themselves. This idea of masculinity in societies has created systems of control for the protection of the people known as the police. However, some members of these organizations abuse their power and control, causing violence towards others. As law enforcement came into power it has been run by a patriarchy system, the practice of men protecting society from criminals. Earlier on it was believed that women were too fragile to defend their own and to this day this mentality still holds, as such strong viable men must come to their “rescue”. This idea of thought creates a division between masculinity and femininity. The attitude of masculinity is demonstrated within the system of policing through the power and control that they hold in their authority. Whether it is male or female, the positions of law enforcement are considered to be a masculine by most. The police exhibit this form of masculinity through intimidation, verbal and at times physical violence. This idea of masculinity in the police force allows for justification for maltreatment. C.A.J Coady and Tony Coady states “police often face allegations that they exceed their legitimate coercive power by the use of inappropriate violence; that they are violent beyond their warrant” Coady and Coady 5). The paper will evaluate the relationship of power and control between masculine and feminine identities as it transcends through the practice of policing. Within the macrosystem of the police force, the qualities of power and control are aspects of patriarchal masculinity which attributes to the root cause of physical and verbal violence. This is seen in the treatment of feminine police officers and the stigma towards homosexuals both in law enforcement and
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