Discrimination and Prejudice Essay

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Hi everyone, we are going to talk about discrimination and being prejudiced. Being prejudice is when someone thinks that someone else is lower than them because of a feature of that person. The feature could be their size, where if they are overweight, they get called fat or obese and if they’re underweight, they get called anorexic or as suffering from bulimia. It could also be because of their skin colour, status, height, etc. Sometimes what others could consider as the smallest reasons on the earth could be the reason for someone to be prejudiced. No matter how small you consider it, the person getting affected by it still gets offended. Many people are prejudiced towards others, but not all show discrimination towards that person. For example, one may think that the other is not a hard working person because they come from a certain school, but may not act upon it through things like rejecting their job application for that only reason or something. This is how most people are and it’s known as prejudice – “pre judging”. However that doesn’t mean that this kind of thing doesn’t happen at all, because it does. There are many famous examples of this, especially the discrimination of black people during the early and mid 20th century. Discrimination happens everywhere and every day. It’s been happening since ages but that doesn't mean you should carry on. People do it without even noticing. But it should stop; at least not happen so massively. So try to stop it, there is no point saying it’s impossible to stop. Anthony D'Angelo once said, “If you believe that discrimination exists, it will” So stop thinking it does. And stop being prejudiced everyone is equal no-one is better than another. Stop! There are many people who can do big things, but only very few people do the small things. Rosa Parks did a small thing, but her act of defiance on that bus helped

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