Discrimination Essay

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Allison Kelman Professor Sheila Austin Literary Genres 21 January 2014 Discrimination Hundreds of thousands of immigrants traveled to America in search for a better life. I often wonder what expectations they had as they stepped of their boats. What was the life they assumed they’d have compared to the life they found? Since the beginning of time, Caucasians seemed to be unwelcoming and discriminatory. The racism and discrimination demonstrated by American’s contributed directly to the life styles of the immigrants coming to America. Starting with the Native Americans, the English raided their land and thought of the Natives as ignorant compared to themselves. Again, of course, with the African Americans who began as property before they we looked upon as human beings. But even then, were seen as inferior to the white Americans. Then came the immigrant movement. People from countries all over the world packed everything they owned and came to America, and as history shows the Americans were repeatedly unfriendly. Sandra Cisneros, a first generation of American born children in her family, an author that has written short stories about her childhood growing up in America. A topic that is present in several pieces of her work is the lack of money her family had. Being a child of Mexican decent it was almost expected of her to live that type of life style. It was difficult for most immigrants, especially Hispanic immigrants, to find decent work that would provide for their families. Judith Ortiz Cofer, another author of short stories, was born in Puerto Rico before moving to Paterson, New Jersey. Unlike Cisneros, Cofer belonged to a family where money was not a starving issue. Cofer’s father was a member of the United States Navy and his Navy checks provided financial security for his family. Cofer’s father struggled to find housing suitable for him and

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