Discrimination Essay

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This is popular racing pundit John McCriric. Here is yet another discrimination case based on age. John has been a pundit for over 29 years for channel 4. He is 73 and claims he has been sacked due to his age. He had taken the broadcaster and TV production company IMG Media Limited to the tribunal and was looking for around £3m in damages. The panel ruled against John and he was denied the money he was looking for. The panel comprehended John’s argument that its aim was to bring the horse racing to a wider audience. John had somewhat of a pantomime personality from his feather hats to his gold jewellery. Channel 4 said it wanted a "younger and broader audience while maintaining its existing horse-racing audience of down-market males over 55". It seems that channel 4 and racing was moving on from John. It seems as if they just did not need or want his sort of persona anymore. He was out dated and old fashioned it seems. After the decision after the hearing, john said "This is an historic setback for all employees in their 30s to their 70s. Jamie Aitchison channel 4’s editor for sport said that John was “unappealing and irritating to many current and potential viewers". Channel 4 states that the dismissal of john from his job there had nothing to do with age, just the fact that they were heading in a different, new, more modern way and John wasn’t. Channel 4 was looking for new investment and sponsorship and John’s His self-described bigoted and male chauvinistic views were just dated and would not be looked upon favourably by a new, modern, wider audience. The tribunal were satisfied that channel 4 were not discriminating John due to his age but had the aim of attracting a wider audience to horse racing and they felt John could not do

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