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Discrimination Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 "prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, training, promotion, discipline, or other workplace decisions on the basis of an employee or applicant's race, color, gender, national origin, or religion" (Bennett-Alexander, 2012, p. 110) . Title VII was enacted to prevent discrimination in the workplace. The Civil Rights Act was implemented to abolish discrimination of race, color, gender, religion, and national origin; however, minorities were still discriminated against in the workplace. I believe Title VII is necessary to enforce equal employment for all. Discrimination still exists today and I feel minorities and women have to fight their way to the top. As a minority, I find it very difficult to find a job that fits my qualifications. Now, I can't say I have been discriminated against, but I know it's more difficult for me than my Caucasian friends to find a job. Now, there is a big difference between discrimination and unfair employment practices. Discrimination is the deliberate denial because of race, color, gender, etc.; however, unfairness deals with unfair treatment that could include discrimination. I believe some cases deals with the unfair treatment that could be discrimination, but inconclusive. These cases really have a negative effect on our court system. I am for cases that are true discrimination, which the injured party is protected by the Title VII. In the case USDOL EEOC versus Bank of American clearly shows that African American applicants have been overlooked for positions (Petroff, 2013). In this case there were 1,147 applicants that applied for administrative and clerical positions in North Carolina. The writer stated that "Bank of America's [unfair and inconsistent selection criteria] led to the rejection of qualified black job candidates" (Labor, 2013). I agree with

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