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Discrimination essay 11/18/2013 Rika Arai Discrimination is wrong at anytime and anywhere in the world. The problem of discrimination persisted throughout decades and centuries. Today, minorities still suffer from discrimination and so did they many years ago. In the early 1930's, war was forming in Europe. Totalitarian dictators were strongly influencing their countries, and those around them. Form these dictatorship and strong nationalism, there were a lot of discrimination occurred against people who has different color or different religions during the war. Those people who were persecuted from others were sent to the camps and many people were killed just because they are little different than the others. During the World War Two, there were a lot of incident as discriminate against people. This essay tells you about what kind of discriminations happened, why did it happen, when it happened, and who did it affect. In Canada during the World War Two, the prominent discriminations were Komagata Maru, Race Riots, Women’s rights and French and English Canadians, Aboriginal people, discrimination against St. Louis, and Japanese Internment camp and those examples of discrimination will be mention on this essay. Also there was the most harsh discrimination during the World War Two was probably the Holocaust which happened in Germany by NAZI party and Adolf Hitler. First, there was discrimination against Indians in Canada during the war. There were over 2000 Indians in Canada at the time. Canadians wanted the "brown invasion" to stop. They felt Indians would take over their jobs in factories. British Columbia passed laws discouraging the immigration of Indians to Canada. Indians had to have at least $200 to enter British Columbia, etc. These rules and laws were

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