Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination By: Patricia Jacoby ETH/125 April 14th, 2013 Kimberly Long The denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups, because of prejudice or other arbitrary reason is called discrimination. A good example of discrimination is where a workplace will not hire handicap person. An example for this is a handicap person working in a high society restaurant. There are places such as fast food chains will hire the handicap doing the lobby or even dishes. The handicap will work hard real hard to prove they can do the job. Everybody should be treated the same way in the workplace. Discrimination is different from prejudice and stereotyping, in that it is focused on behavioral part of view. When someone is discriminating another person, that person may stay or walk away from the person that is discriminating, or they might not associate with that person. Prejudice involves affecting a person with judgment made, such as they may cause injury or damage. Stereotyping is cognitive in that it will refer to attributes, which people think characterize a person or group. The causes of discrimination can be height, nationality, sex, and age; these are just a few examples of discrimination. You need to identify the cause before you and take care of the discrimination. One of the many ways discrimination is based on fear, ignorance, and stereotypical viewpoints. Stereotypical viewpoints are religious or sectarian discrimination. Sectarian discrimination is often caused by people living in one area and working in another city. There are people that feel that if you live in one city that’s where they should work in that city instead of coming to another city to take a job from people that live there. I disagree with this because it is too hard to find any jobs right now, so people need to find work where they can find work.

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