Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination The topic of discrimination can be a very sensitive one to discuss. The world has always, and probably will always be faced with this problem. In all countries there is most likely at least one type of blatant discrimination that affects different groups of people. For the first part of this assigment, I decided to interview a single mother who is a friend of mine. She is been living in the United States for more than 23 years, and she has experienced discrimination for being a single mother. In this interview, she stated that the most significant work experience that she has encountered was becoming a single mother, because it taught her a lesson in discrimination, and how society judges people. She had to move out of her parents’ house when she turned eighteen, during her senior year of high school. Three months later, she became pregnant.She says that this was when she started to experience discrimination. She also had to work full time, and go to school. She only had nine more credits for her honors diploma, but she could not accomplish that, because of discrimination against young soon to be mothers. In school, they made her take parenting classes that are required for pregnant teenagers, because they feel that teens will not be successful parent if they do not take the classes. In school, people tried to convince her that she would not know how to be a good parent. She feels that she was discriminated, because she could have gotten scholarships and better job opportunities if she was able to take the required classes for an honors diploma instead of parenting classes. She also stated that even in the grocery store, she has received some form of descrimination when she takes her children with her. She mentions that the looks she receives or the remarks from the people who talk to her while shopping. She says that sometimes, when she brings

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