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Discrimination Discrimination is treating someone badly because of certain characteristics they obtain. Discrimination is something that many people suffer from. People can be discriminated against for a variety of reasons, including age, sex, location, disabilities, race and religion. Elderly people suffer a lot from discrimination; especially within the health sector as some believe it to be more important to treat younger people before elderly as they will benefit more from the medical treatment that is being provided. There are a lot of different groups of people that can be discriminated against but there are also many different types of discrimination too. Overt discrimination is when people are being treated unequally. They are left out activities and social situations. They can feel humiliated in different ways including verbally which will lead to negative discrimination. Their rights and choices are limited. Another type of discrimination is covert, it is a more subtle case of overt discrimination, and it can go unnoticed easily. The obvious behaviours that would be expected do not appear for example, language and violence. If people who suffer from this make a complaint they might feel ridiculed. If someone who was dealing with discrimination decided to make a complaint they could suffer from infringement of rights. Infringement of rights can include not being provided with the correct information on their rights or denying a person of their rights. Stereotyping is another form of discrimination It consists of categorising individuals into the same group and expecting them all to obtain the same qualities. Everyone has the tendency to stereotype or label people into certain groups sometimes unknowingly. Prejudice is another common form of discrimination it is making an assumption about something/someone that is not actually facts but is

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