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Although it is a tragedy of today, discrimination still exists in the modern society irrespective of years that people spend fighting it. Accordingly, essays on discrimination help, at least hopefully, to solve the problem of discrimination and teach people to respect every other personality. Here are some topic selection ideas for your essays on discrimination. Idea 1: Racial discrimination The first thing the majority of people think on hearing about discrimination is the race of the discriminated person as historically race has always been a reason for discrimination. Therefore, you can make your essays on discrimination focused on the racial discrimination, which will add credibility to your paper. Idea 2: Sexual discrimination Further on, your essays on discrimination might consider the topic of sexual discrimination. Although it seems to be in the past, current data from US and UK prove that over 50% of women face sexual discrimination at the workplace, so if your essays on discrimination consider sexual discrimination they will also be of great help for the modern society. Idea 3: Age discrimination Your essays on discrimination can also focus on the age discrimination still observed in the modern society. Among other aspects of the topic, in your essays on discrimination you can describe how elderly people often cannot get employed, are rejected of their rights in the society, and have to apply to the social justice to defend their integral rights. So, from this article you can get some practical suggestion on topic selection for your essays on discrimination. Hopefully, the ideas of this article are helpful in your study, and after reading these you will be able to impress your teachers with good essays on discrimination. Racial Discrimination Racism is a clear reality in our society that affects all people. Although it’s often racism

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