Discrimination Essay

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Some people can benefit from discrimination and others can get penalized by it. Everyone should be treated equal and not by the color of their skin. Discrimination could be lessened by educating and encouraging children at a young age alone with others varied backgrounds. As a result, discrimination can hinder you are help you but it is wrong. When people think about discrimination, they usually associate it with prejudice and connect it with race or gender. But discrimination can take all types of form like personal attacks based on stereotype; gender, sex, harassment, intentional humiliated, age, and denied promotion. Could you imagine spending that much time of your life working in a place where you were in fear of being harassed, not being promoted, or even being fired because of the color of your skin? For example, a person can gain an unfair advantage at a job interview by being attractive or knowing someone who works at the company or by being able to talk about something that has nothing to do with the job. Certainly, the people who do not get the job would claim that they were discriminated against, and to some extent they would be right. In our society and communities diverse in material circumstances, ethnicity, culture, and belief systems, prejudice exist on the basis of perceptions of others is well established. In most, societies regarding gender, disability, sexuality, and age there are deep-seated prejudice. This type of prejudice is manifested in popular discourse, graffiti, jokes, and other forms of representation demonstrating certain key assumptions about the identities of those targeted. This is offensive and negative; the consequences appropriately represented as a continuum from verbal abuse, violence, harassment, including insults, and other verbal abuse including death. “In 2008, Zebell became the target of co-worker who blamed her

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