Discovery of Oxygen Essay

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Discovery of Oxygen The oxygen is one of the elements on Earth. It is the third most abundant element in the universe. It is needed by every living being in order to survive. The credit of discovering the oxygen was given to Antoine Lavoisier by the Academy of Science. The person who should have been recognized to the discovery of oxygen is Joseph Priestley. Pure oxygen was first produced by scientist John Priestley in his experiment of heating mercuric oxide. He separated the gas from it and experimented it on a mouse. He found it odd that the mouse lived longer even though it was in a closed bottle. He tried to smell the gas and felt very light. He called the separated gas the 'dephlogisticated air' not knowing that he discovered an element. Priestley met with another scientist, named Antoine Lavoisier, and discussed to him about the experiment. Lavoisier did the same experiment and proclaimed to the Academy of Science that he discovered a new element which he named as oxygen. Priestley denounced Lavoisier and claimed that he was the one who really discovered the element. Lavoisier was recognized as the one who did the discovery because he had more power and wealth. Lavoisier did not acknowledge that he borrowed Priestley's experiment for the discovery of the oxygen. He wouldn't have known about the element without meeting with Priestley and hearing about his experiment. Priestley also had given it a name in the first place which is 'dephlogisticated air.' Priestley should have been credited for the discovery of oxygen. Lavoisier did not deserve that honor. He should have recognized Priestley for the

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