Discovery Essay - the Human Condition

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English Essay - Discovery Through the poems “Mending wall” and “After Apple Picking” written by pet ‘Robert Frost’, and the American homeless Veteran Awareness song and video “Wrong side of heaven” composed by the band ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ we will explore how the discoveries within these texts have impacted their sense of self and their understanding of the human condition, the way people are wired. In “Mending Wall” the first example of imagery “And makes gaps even two can pass abreast” conveys human companionship between the protagonist and his neighbour. This expresses human’s natural instinct for longing for companionship and to have someone to relate to, rely on and nurture whether it be a child to its mother or from one man to another in this case. More into the poem when they are ready to meet each other and fix the wall, the metaphor “And on a day we met to walk the line and set the wall between us once again” reveals the fact that they are putting up a barrier between them, not only physical but emotional too. The physical barrier being the wall itself and the emotional barrier of feeling shut off from each other. This shows how contradiction is part of the human way of life, in this poem it is that they want to work together to fix the wall because it is broken, yet the protagonist yearns to be accepted by his neighbour and wants to take the wall down so they can be together in companionship instead of just repairing a wall once a year together. However, by the protagonists pleas the neighbour simply says, and with repetition “Good fences make good neighbours” This repetition explores how a person’s tradition can make them stubborn and unwilling to accept new ideas, like taking down a wall to start a friendship. To humans, tradition is something that is not questioned or changed; this shows how some people follow their tradition faithfully while

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