Discovery Creative Writing Essay

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-Happy, healthy everyday teenager unaware to any obstacles to her future success. -Suddenly faced with terminal illness. -The discovery changes the readers view on her. -Challenged to confront reality. -Unfortunate victim of cruel fate. -Suddenly transforms her from a symbol happy to tragic innocent worthy of our pity. -Hearing the happiness she becomes more mature and aware of her surroundings. -Discovery makes her more of a universally real person. -She is more representative of the bad luck that some people suffer. -We become more sympathetic to the tragedy. -Tragic hero of life’s miss fortune. The year that there wasn't meant to be any distractions, the year that all the time was going to be devoted to the biggest exam of high school. The year spent in hospital. My dream was to get the best mark I could and take the steps to become a doctor. Although I knew it was going to be hard, I had no idea my life would take such a sharp turn to put my career at jeopardy. The impact of my Doctor's words were to transform my life. My perfectly laid plans had unavoidably deteriorated. Now all I can do is hope for a cure. CHALLENGE CHANGE TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT PARADIGM SHIFT ETHICS MORALITY I didn't realize how easy unfortunate things could happen to anyone anywhere. I was challenged to confront reality Experiencing life looking at the hospital walls, bound to a life-line of poisonous chemicals, opened my eyes to how fragile the thread of life could be. I had lost control of my fate. Experiencing the feeling of loss - no longer could I plan my day, my life sits in the hands of those with far greater wisdom of the science of life. TMPACT CONSEQUENCE RAMIFICATION My philosophy on life is transformed from self-indulgent fantasies of success and future security, to the harsh reality of mere survival. The news shatters my

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