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Discovery Analysis Mending Wall - Robert Frost

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  • on November 11, 2014
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Discovery | Ideas from the poem | Technique | Evidence |
What discoveries are explicit?What discoveries are figurative |     1. Gap in the wall   2. The personas revelation or epiphany of the fact that a wall is not required   3. The personas discovery that you cannot always change another persons opinion |     1. Sibilance: repetition of the ‘s’ creates a whistling sound like holes in the wall     2. The use of the colon indicates the poet will no justify his reasons.     3. A metaphor – while he is walking in the shade, he is not enlightened |     1. “ad spills the upper boulders in the sun , and makes gaps’   2. ‘…we do not need the wall”   3. ‘he moves in darkness as it seems to me’ |
What is the progress to this discovery ? |     1. the first part of the discovery is the fact that the persona is not yet enlightened     2. the persona begging to question the need for the wall – he is inspired by springs mischief     3. his discovers that some people are unwilling to change due to the constraints of tradition |     1. The symbol of the wall is used to divide     2. The question indicates the personas desire to debate the need for the wall with the other farmer.     3. The use of high modality phrase emphasises the personas understanding that he cannot change the other farmers mind |     1. ‘ we keep the wall between us as we go’   2. ‘If I could put a notion in his head: ‘why do they make good neighbours’   3. ‘ we will not go behind his fathers saying’ |
Who are they made by? Who are they represented to expose?Poet? |     1. the persona makes these discoveries     2. the 2nd farmer could be symbolic of people who are close minded, constrained by | 1. use of the 1st poem pronoun | 1. n/a |
What or which discoveries are confronting ? (provocative or disturbing or challenging?) |     1. how the gaps arose?   2. The confrontation for the 2nd persona is that he is unable to live in a world in an ever changing world with a ridged mind     3. 2nd persona is...

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