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Discovery A few years ago I was able to go to New York City. Bright lights, crowds of people, and dirty streets, all make it a wild and crazy town. The toy store, FAO Schwartz, is like a bright shiny, colorful paradise for kids. Walking through the store for the first time, most people are in shock and awe by all the different kinds of toys with sizes that range from large, small, and gigantic. When shopping there, one can’t help but notice the price tags and think that most people couldn’t afford to buy Christmas toys there. In the “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, a nice lady by the name of Miss Moore takes a group of poor ghetto kids to the famous toy store. There she tries to teach them a valuable lesson about money. In reality, FAO Schwartz is the complete opposite from the neighborhood the kids come from; it is rich compared to the poverty in which they live. Of all the students traveling with Miss Moore, Sylvia is the most emotionally intelligent of the group. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize, manage, and use emotions to motivate one’s self in order to take action that results in a positive outcome. Throughout the story, Sylvia demonstrates different levels of emotional intelligence in three main areas: recognizing one’s own emotions, knowing how to motivate yourself, and managing emotions. Her visit to FAO Schwartz shows us how she responds to the group and Miss Moore. The first area in which Sylvia demonstrates emotional intelligence is in being able to recognize one’s emotions as well as others emotions. At the beginning of the story, Sylvia talks about her feelings as well as those of the adults in her life. She makes a statement that no one likes Miss Moore, not even the parents. However, when Miss Moore brings sachet and books around the parents “

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