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576 Part Four Building and M anaging Systems Structured Project Implementation Methodology at Focus CASE STUDY oCUS is an Indi a n so ft wa re company with head quarte rs in Dub ai, UAE. Focus is pri­ marily a product-ba s d compan that ha developed a nd m arketed packaged software for th e la st thirtee n ye ars. Th e company r lie s on c dual growth stratcg ' : in creased m a rket share in existing markets and expansion to new m arkets. On e of the company brands, Focus T, was ra nked in the top te n by ID ,'s ERP providers for the Middle East and North Africa. T h e company has a portfolio of p roducts includ­ ing: FOe T, which is a real-ti m e ERP system; FOCUS 6, which is an e nterpri se-wi de a ccounting system; FOC US ARMS, whi ch is an aca de mic records m anageme nt system; FOC S WMS, a ware house sys­ te m; fO CUS ST REAMLINE , a custom e r relationship manage ment sys te m , a nd finall y FOCUS REA H, an o ff~th e -sh elf acco unting solution for th e SOHO Market. Focus has witn esse d many mil stones to reach its curre nt situa tion. In Septe mb er 200] , Focus ope ned its bra n ch in Duba i Intern et City (DIC) in UAE. This prove d to be a tu rning point in the su ccess story of Focus. v\The n Duba i a nnounce d th e launch of Dubai Inte rnet City , Focus was ::m e of th first co mpanie s to decid e to m ove its international headq uarte rs to Dubai _Th e mas ive in fras tructure support availabl e in DI C has paved the way for Focus to grow and expand at a much fast e r rate . In 200 5 they open ed a branch in Qatar. The gw wth taking pl ace in Qatar was b e ing talked about e ve ry vvhere in the Middl East and inter national m arkets from 2002 onwards. In fact, Focus reali zed that their decision to ope n a b ranch in Qata r, though a late one, was one o f th eir bes t decisions, as it has now b ecome one of the fast est growing branches within

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