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Junfei Yao EH100-02 Ms. Word Feb 19, 2013 Rhetorical Analysis Malcolm X’s article “learning to read” was published on our EH textbook writing about writing: A College Reader. Actually it is a piece from the Autobiography of Malcolm, which wrote by shortly before his death. Malcolm is an Africa American, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. To this article, the main audience is comprised of those people who are being educated by school. He aims to tell the young guys like us reading is important since it can gives us knowledge, which is a powerful weapon in fight. Rhetorical is the study of how writers and speakers use words to influence an audience. Malcolm's article use sample words, and lots of rhetorical strategies; it has a clear and logic structure. Even it have some drawback, it still effective for audience and it is a successful article. Malcolm X’s article covers the different literacy sponsors that influenced him in his life. In his article "Learning to Read", Malcolm X attempts to explain how his extensive reading while he was in prison shaped that he became once he got out. He argues that while in prison, if you couldn't find him in the library reading then he would be in his bunk reading. He says that he read so much because it simply satisfied his curiosity about the world. He explains how his reading started from simply reading and copying from the dictionary to reading books about slavery and racism. These books he read in prison opened his eyes to the world where black people were useless and trash compared to the white people. This is what started the fire in him to fight for civil rights. In my opinion, this article has many advantages and it is a successful article, the reasons are below: First, it looks easy to read for students who haven’t a good literacy foundation. He article is talking about a personal experience, not some hard theories. He

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