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As part of being complicit – not only the producer, but also the product of various discourses – schools often facilitate a certain role for students. Linked to gender different roles are expected, and from a girls’ point of view I can mention lower expectations in sports, but higher expectations in intelligence. This is often taken for granted and direct boys and girls into particular discourses. By aiming into educational discourses such as gender, this essay, based on reflections in theory, will discuss that boys and girls learn differently and the importance for educators to have knowledge about that. According to Churchill et al. (2011) a discourse is a structured body of ideas that is often taken for granted as authoritative knowledge; or “the normal”. In other words, discourses are assumptions we take for granted that underpin our way of thinking of and seeing things. As teachers we sometimes neglect to question some of these discourses. Equality despite differences is an important issue, and for knowing how to teach boys and girls both fairly and with justice, we need to consider how and why they are different. Discourses change over time, and countless evidence tell us loud and clear that boys and girls are different. The brain obviously plays a big role in this, which – for the male and the female – neither develops at the same schedule, nor parallel in time (Nagel, 2008). That is nature`s way of explaining dissimilarities in both intelligence and behavior and should point us into a certain understanding of differences. Due to the lower level of serotonin in the male brain they are more likely to act impulsively, and because of the smaller hippocampus they are less equipped for memorizing. The earlier and faster maturing of the female brain`s frontal lobes is beneficial for their communication skills, and lower levels of testosterone makes girls less

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