Discolobous Essay

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History of Art Paper Discobolus Discobolus is an idealized and both naturalistic male sculpture. It is made of marble and 1.52 metre high. As the figure have a curved position, It could be understood that it is a human sized sculpture. The figure is poised between two actions. The action is freezed in the moment that the figure is stretched his body to throw the discus. But not the moment before or after throwing it. The structures of muscles are very exact and stretched. The sculpture could be seen from every point, it is 3D. Not made for looking from a single point. The main point of the sculpture is idea of movement. The position is both aesthetical and strong. According to Socrates ‘The quality of seeming alive has the strongest visual appeal.’ This figure seems like a frozen image of an athlete, a real human. So it could be a successful demonstration of the idea of Socrates. The sculpture has idealized body proportions. It seems very strong, the movement is expressed effectively. Because of the moment that the figure is frozen, we can see the muscles and the details of the body and the movement obviously. The proportions of the body and the muscles are exaggerated and idealized by the artist. The sculpture is exhibited in Museo Nazionale Romano, in Rome and it is a copy not the original, made of marble. The original Greek bronze is lost and there are several copies of it from marble. The sculpture belongs to the Classical Period of Greek Art. The main characteristics of it is the idealization and the statues have importance. İdealized and the naturalistic perspective is combined together. The body is translated to the marble. The sculpture should be seen in the museum, Rome, it is worth to seen alive. I want to see and walk through it to analyse the parts of it. The human body is respresented successfully. It has a static and dynamic pose as

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