Disclosure Of Physician Information Essay

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Disclosure of Physician Information HCA305: The U.S. Health Care System Instructor Dolores Thomas Brooke Hoefling September 20, 2010 Disclosure of Physician Information The issue presented is that of physician's information. Physician's private information is being made available for health care consumers to view at their leisure. It is allowing consumers to make the decision to either see the physician or not based on his or her past and present records. I feel that its private information but if the physician's records aren't viable, we as a consumer need to be aware as to why. Physicians, more than any other professional ,including priest, minister, attorney, and engineer, will have a profound impact on our health, perhaps the most important sector of our lives and the lives of our family (Greenwood, 2000). This desire for information continues not only in relation to physicians, but for other professionals as well. Witness the growing number of these databases, many of which go so far as to allow the “profiling” of an individual’s performance. Indeed, this profiling may represent the epitome of the ability of consumers to obtain information about others. However, as Justice Stevens pointed out, disclosure of this information may result in harm. If it is true that, by having this information, consumers may directly or indirectly “manipulate the threads,” then to what result? Will these professionals move in the ways that the consumers intend (Greenwood, 2000)? Perhaps the best way to gain some insight into answering questions such as these, to consider the Massachusetts Physician Profiling Data Base. Some states have followed closely Massachusetts’ example; others have made significant departures. As these differences relate mostly to the reporting of malpractice information, it is important to consider the extent to which malpractice

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