Disciplines in Exercise Science

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There are various disciplines within exercise science. You can choose different disciplines depending on what you want your career to be. Three different types of disciplines are Athletic Training, Exercise and Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. They are all different and have different purposes within. Athletic Training deals with prevention; care and rehabilitation of injuries to people that are physically active. Exercise and Sports Psychology deals with the importance of body movement and the effect the mind has on it. Lastly Sports Nutrition deals with food and good eating habits (4). Athletic Training Athletic Training first started in the 1900’s-1925 in the United States. Athletic Training is the health profession dealing with injury prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injuries to people who are physically active on a regular basis. This is a profession that practices in different clinical environments such as individuals and team sports, sports medicine and orthopedic clinics, and also in industrial setting. Most athletic trainers get jobs in sports medicine clinics. Other places that offer jobs to them are Colleges, High Schools, clinics with orthopedic surgeons, physical or occupational therapists, and other medical personnel. Some athletic trainers open up their own clinics. Some benefits of being an athletic trainer is that they get to know their clients and can work with them any time during the day because they will always be around them. They also get to understand the nutrition aspects of the injuries and illnesses in their clients. Usually in conducting their therapy they use therapeutic exercises. Some downfalls of being an athletic trainer are that they are limited to working under medical and osteopathic physicians and they tend to work two full time jobs (1). Organizations that are associated with athletic training are the NATA,

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