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Discipline Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: ying79
  • on April 29, 2012
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Discipline Issue More Seriously In School
By Choo Chia Li
Discipline problems among students were occurred frequently in these few months. From the report given, the numbers of discipline problems was increasingly nowadays.
According to the head of PPD administrator, said that, it could be divided the problems into four main categories, such as crimes, absenteeism problems, lying problems and negative behaviors. Those who were involving in vandalism, theft, fighting, gambling, drug abuse and bullying are consider commit a crime. Besides that, pupils liked to absent their class or co-curriculum activity.
Moreover, some of the pupils always told lie. They liked to copying friend’s homework and some would not submit their homework. The worst was they told lie and pretended sick to stay at home. The negative behavior of pupils sometimes also make teacher felt anger. A few of them had been caught because of smoking, rudeness and violence.
The counselor had did research and found out the factors of this discipline problem. First of all, it came to the personal factors. The pupils had weak mental development, will have some emotional problems. Second factors was family problem, the children felt tension when his/her parents were conflict. Thus, they felt insecure at home and to vent his/her emotion to others. The poverty pupils also   isolated and begin to played truant.
Then, the pupils felt uneasy when the teacher had strict control in school. Unfair punishment given by teacher maybe hurt pupils’ heart. They would have to seek revenge and did evils to school. Due to the social factors, bad elements of mass media, like television and newspaper shown violent film, would torment their thinking. They might to follow the negative behavior. The pupils joined gang or group in peer and make troubles to have funs.
Discipline issue must determine as fast as possible. Parents should monitor their children to avoid unhealthy activities. Example gangsterism. Parents should...

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