Discipline A Caring Balance

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Assertive Discipline and Discipline with Dignity: A Caring Balance Eva Eikel Missouri Baptist University ETOP 523 Classroom and Behavior Management Professor Angela C. Robbins June 12, 2007 Introduction In this paper I will discuss Assertive Discipline and Discipline with Dignity. These are classroom and behavior management models that are both very student focused. As you will see in this paper, they have similarities and differences both of which I feel are important in learning to become an effective teacher in the area of classroom management. In researching these models, I found articles by both authors discussing the downfall of the opossing model and defending their own. Each firmly believes that theirs is the best approach to classroom management. After reviewing and reflecting on these models, I feel that each plan has potential to increase student responsibility and on-task behaviors. I think after reviewing each of these models, you will see that the most important factors in classroom management is both teacher confidence in the plan, and flexibility in continuing to change the plan to fit the needs of the classroom as it changes. There will never be a plan that can be implemented that does not need evaluation or change. As teachers, our classrooms continue to change as students grow and learn and as new students join the group throughout the year. I believe that the model you choose to implement is far less important than the attitude taken towards classroom management. If you feel that classroom management is a burden rather than an exciting challenge we face each day, you will most likely be burned out and leave the field of education. However, if you embrace the challenges we as teachers face each day, and look upon them as learning experiences to help mold the children that will inevitably become our leaders of

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