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Essay on the Uses of Computer in Schools Introduction: Information Technology (IT) is becoming part of every industry, and is becoming an essential tool for teaching. The success of countries in the creation of wealth is now being measured by their ability to exploit and use IT in its industry and education. In the field of education the use of computers brings a two edge advantage. The first will be throughout the exposure of the future working generations to the latest in technology. They become familiar with the technology and are not afraid to experiment and learn what is new. The second edge will be through the actual use of the computers in the learning process. The following is a list of uses of computers in the learning process: Computer aided learning is becoming more widely used in teaching both in Universities and schools. Modern sciences and technologies which are dependent on the use of computers such as Geographic Information Systems Databases Visualisation Animation Simulation Desktop publishing As a mean of gathering data such is through World Wide Web, newsgroups) and Email. As a communication medium with other scholars and the rest of the world. Setting up Computer in schools: The set up of computers in schools tend to have two elements, Physical and effort. These elements are composed of the following components: Physical components A number of computers PCs or Macintoshes, Printers, and scanners. Software, a whole variety. A Local Area Network. Connecting the different PCs. Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting the school to the Education department who is financing the school. Internet connection: Children develop computer literacy by observing others at the computer and by diving in and actively exploring different software programs. As with learning to read, each child will progress at the rate appropriate to that child. By and

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