Discipleship Counseling Essay

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Discipleship Counseling Abstract There is not an exact definition for mental health. Many professionals believe that mental health is the ability to process emotions on a daily basis and alter moods when appropriate. Having mental health problems can be extremely tough for an individual. It is the calling of discipleship counselors to use the Word of God as the guidance to help individuals cope with mental illnesses. There are several psychologists that believe mental health can be subdued by prescription medicine and/or positive reinforcements. Christian counselors know that Christ is THE truth (see John 14:6). The Christian faith allows for a strong conviction that Christ is the only healer for individuals with mental illnesses. When asked what Christian counselors believe, Dr. Kimberly Hartfield (2011) explains it as the following, “Christian counselors believe that the Bible is the ultimate standard of authority for believers, and that the power of the Holy Spirit adds God’s enabling Spirit to the counseling process.” (Hartfield, 2011 para. 2) Discipleship Counseling Through the use of personal and professional experiences, Dr. Neil T. Anderson (2003) lays the foundation for future counselors to use as a guide to reach mentally ill individuals in his book Discipleship Counseling (Anderson, 2003). This instructional piece gives current and future counselors the instruction and information needed to reach out and counsel the spiritually oppressed. Anderson (2003) breaks this piece of literature down into three main focuses: defining and understanding mental health; counseling the spiritually oppressed; overcoming false guidance, deception, bitterness and rebellion—and helping others experience freedom in Christ. Discipleship Counseling also gives the reader a better understanding of how discipleship counseling works and shows them the basis of
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