Disc Platinum Rule Assessment Paper

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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Paper Introduction A small group of five-students takes on the challenge; to discover how their individual behaviors are links in communication with their learning team they discover this through the DISC Platinum Rule Assessment. Analysis This team consisted of three different behavior styles, dominance, cautious, and interactive. Jeff’s dominance style behavior is a sub-style (Ds), the producer, a driven behavior that allows the need to control and to achieve. He is enterprising people, comfortable when in charge of most situations. This style helps to approach business in a no-nonsense way, believes in cutting out the intermediary and getting right down to business, and poor listener. This style of behavior will fits well in an organization upper management positions, like president, chief Executive office etc. To move the business and situations to the next level this behavior is not afraid to bend the rules. Three members of the group have a cautious style behavior, sub-style, (Ci) the Assessor. The members are Elias, Makeda, and Michael, their behavior pattern is slow to start, proceed with cautious. They are great thinkers, accomplish their goals with excellence, and very opinionative about people and groups that are hard to recognize. They mainly force on the task, seeking accuracy, and perfectionistic which, holds them back and wasting time. Their working relationship in the workplace is formal, functional, and structured. The relationship between the Assessor and the dominance in a workplace, the dominance style is fast-paced make decisions quick. Whereas the slower-paced cautious style will get uptight doing decisions making, before analyzing the fully alternatives (Alessandra, 1996-2010). Laura has an interactive style behavior, sub-style the impresser. This style is friendly,

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