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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Paper Introduction The DISC Platinum Rule Behavior Styles Assessment is the most important relationship building assessment done to help a person understanding his behavior and help make mature and more productive decisions and conquer all fears. The DISC Platinum Rule Behavior Styles Assessment focuses on the characteristics of a person’s behavioral styles and how it relates to others and is a tool which can help build relationships. The behavior assessment illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of people and relationships formed from personal to business life. Four DISC Platinum Behavior Styles The DISC Platinum Rule Behavior Styles Assessment consists of four behavior styles used to identify individual behaviors styles. Each behavioral style has this own strengths and weaknesses and none is better than the next. These styles are the characteristics that make individuals unique help provide for an understanding of one’s own behavior style and those who we interact with. These can be used to evaluate our own behavior and teach the individual how to use this information to understand the behaviors of others and provide insight to handle each person individually with respect and without any confrontation. The Dominance Styles are people driven by two governing needs: the need control and the need to achieve. Dominance Styles people are very goal-orientated and go-getters. They are most comfortable when they are in charge of people and situations. The Interactive Styles are friendly, enthusiastic, “party animals” who like to be where the action is. They love to be admired, love acknowledgement, and accepts compliments. They are more relationship-orientated and prefer to entertain with clients during lunch than chained to a desk in the office. Interactive Styles people have great people and communication skills. These

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