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REPORT ON DISASTER MAGEMENT WORKSHOP HELD ON THE 18TH OF JUNE 2012 AT CRUDAN HEADQUARTERS CONFERENCE HALL SABON BARIKI JOS, PLATEAU STATE. REPORT ON DAY ONE ACTIVITIES INTRODUCTION The Nigeria we know in the last two decades or less is not the Nigeria we see today; things have changed. Although this can be attributed to different factors there is none so glaring as the present impact of the Boko Haram in the country. Disasters are a regular fact of life for many parts of our world. Christians are not immune to such disasters and areas affected include networks of local churches. The church should therefore act wisely. COMMENCEMENT: The workshop started a bit late due to the delay in the arrival of participants. Those present started with registration and there were five in number including the facilitator. The workshop started by 9:55am with opening prayer said by Mrs Hassannah. Other activities of day one; INTRODUCTION We started with introduction where each participant introduced his/herself using the following criteria; - Name - Organization - Designation - Hobbies - Favorite meal - Marital status and number of children if married. The aims and objectives of the workshop Aim: To build the capacity of CRUDAN members in order to adequately respond to and manage disasters Objectives: At the end of this workshop participants should be able to: 1. Define disaster occurrence 2. List steps involved in a disaster response 3. Explain the relationship of each stage of the cycle 4. State biblical reasons for supporting the vulnerable 5. Understand disasters and their impact on

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