Disappearance Of God And Nineteenth Century Writers Essay

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While throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, literary works center mostly around the presence of God and seems to show the Holy Spirit’s dwelling within this world, the nineteenth century literature reflects a much different spiritual situation. The lines of connection between mankind and God have broken down or God himself has slipped away from where he used to be. He no longer inheres in the world as the force binding together all men and things. Therefore, this time seemed to nineteenth century writers as a time when God’s presence and lack-thereof-again can only be interpreted negatively, as a terrifying absence. God keeps himself hidden, but only if humans could connect to God again would everything be unified together, would there be peace once again in the hearts of mankind. Nineteenth century writers such as Emily Bronte, Bram Stoker, and Mathew Arnold all use their characters and literary plots to depict God as a figure that distinguishes evil from righteous, danger from security. However, as far as protecting humans from the forces of these evil and danger, God is described as absent and almost hidden by choice from the helpless people of the Earth. Additionally, Joseph Conrad explores moral hypocrisy as a consequence of the absence of God and a similar sense of abandonment and lack of protection as the above authors. On the contrary, Gerard Hopkins poses as an anomaly in his emphasis on the uniqueness-the “inscape” and “instress” within each of God’s creation. In Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte portrays the contrast between Heathcliff and Edgar as well as their backgrounds to show a clear spiritual distinction of danger versus security for Catherine, yet the absence of God eventually lends Catherine no aid and guidance in choosing the spiritually sound life over that of the dangerous. While Wuthering Heights is obviously depicted as wild and

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