Disadvantages of Watching Tv Essay

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Watching TV has become bad habits of human being.We require some kind of etiquette to educate the human beings for watching TV excessively without getting the advantages of the same. We have lost all our old heritage to socialise the environment. Watching TV does not involve the person participation actively. In sub-conscious mind we just go on watching the subject without involving our active mind. We are also losing the social activities as well as outdoor activities which gives boosting effect on human mind. We should generate awareness among the people about the disadvantage of watching the TV. Although this great invention of science has played major role in human life to give more comfort as well as information human requires for his development but in my view disadvantages has also played vital role to destroy of old age heritage which in fact scientifically proven that outdoor as social activities gives mental and physical satisfaction. As we are well out that our ancestors have develop sense of visualizing the events happening at far distant places. This has happened because human has practiced his body in such a that they can see and visualise the thing before the events take place. But TV may not give this opportunity to develop the human mind. Watching TV has become habit and some time we do not prefer to visit relatives and friends house and also do not prefer to be visited by them. We would like to generate the awareness in the human being to visualize this drawback in order to avoid untoward incident to happen in future and repent on this activity at later date. We must develop and generate a group who can devote the time to make people aware about the outcome of this activity. In our present generation, many things from the past are developed and changed, a lot of us thinks that its better because they can do easily what they want. But sometimes

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