Disadvantages Of Isolation In Frankenstein

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Tiffany Ho Ms. Wyer ENG 3U1-04 4 November 2011 How is isolation communicated throughout the novel? What are the dangers/ implications of isolating oneself? Disadvantages of isolation Human is a group-like animal. Everyone has to have at least a friend to talk to or to play with. No one can live alone in the world, without family or friends. Isolation can be both physical and emotional. A lot of people in the world feel isolated because of their emotions. They could be holding a secret, or guilt. People can also feel physically isolated because of their appearance, social status, or some action that caused them to be a plague to society. If you isolate yourself from the public in a long period of time, you may lose your friends or family,…show more content…
For example, after Victor Frankenstein noticed that his brother, William died, he threw the letter on the table and covered his face with his hands. (Shelley 60) From his reaction to his brother’s death, he felt regret for not spending more time with his brother or family. Because of his quest for knowledge, he left home and isolated himself in his lab, ignoring everything else that is happening outside the world. Another example is about the monster in the book, the creation of Victor Frankenstein, he was isolated by people because of his “unique appearance”, when his neighbour saw how he look like, they use sticks to beat him, in the beginning, the monster want to attack them back, but when he remembered the old man, he ran away and leave the house and find a place to sit down. After the whole night of thinking, he felt regret and wanted to apologise to the family. However, when he went back to the house, he heard that the family decide to leave the house because they think that the monster will threatened their father’s life. In nowadays, there are examples about the regretful of people who isolated themselves. There’s a girl, she don’t like meeting with people, so she always stayed at her house, her parents use a lot of strength to ask her to go out and meet the others. However, the girl just ignored them. And one day, her parents were involved in a car accident, and they died. When the girl found out her parents died, she felt very regretful because since she was a little girl, she start ignoring her parents, just stayed at home, never communicate with her parents about what she is thinking and difficulties, and now, she is very regret about not spending time to communicate with her parents. So, don’t ever isolated yourself with the others, otherwise, you will feel regret
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