Disadvantage of Gmo

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Genetic Engineer is the deliberate, controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism, with the intent of making that organism better in some way. In the past few years, the processed food such as infants formula, drink mixed and taco shells have been detected that they have some foreign genes in them. Most Genetically engineered crops worldwide are design to either to survive the exposure of herbicides or to kill insect. The herbicides-tolerant crops can be found mostly in canola, corn and soybeans.The consumer will never know that they are consuming GMO because these food are not labeled. Here are some reasons why we should avoid genetically engineered crops -Allergens Genetic engineer crops could bring new allergens into foods that sensitive individuals would not know how to avoid. Some studies show that soybean genetically engineered to brazil nuts proteins cause reaction to individuals allergic to brazil nuts. -Antibiotic Resistance Most genetic engineer crops carry antibiotic-resistance genes. Eating these foods could reduce the effectiveness of antibiotic to fight disease. The resistance genes could transfer to human causing them to immune to antibiotic. This could aggravate the already serious health problem of antibiotic-resistance disease organism. The British Medical Association, the leading association of doctors in Britain called for ban on GE crops in 1999. -Toxicity Toxicity can emerge to our familiar foods in so many ways. It might occur intentionally by the BT toxin which is considered to be relatively safe for humans. However, humans might have a little impact from this toxin.It might occur unintentionally from a plant that receive additional new genes and produce toxin in it's fruits instead of leaves. It might even surprisingly occur from foreign genes that could disrupt the functioning of the existing genes causing the plant to produce

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