Disabilities in Movies

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Many different models of disability have been studied over the last few years. The ones that are really shown or seen are the medical and social models. The Medical Model sees disability as being a personal problem while the social model sees disability as the defect in the society. While it isn’t hard to point out from which model a movie operates, what viewers don’t realize is that there are also different stereotypes that are put on the disabled people in the movie. These stereotypes are making them seem like a genius, a beast, that they can’t hold sexual relationships, and the butt of a joke. The medical model of disability is somewhat strange and hard to understand. Judgment is based off of the person’s development be it mental or physical. When these judgments are made, people are classified as a problem to be fixed or just as an injured person who has no hope in fitting in. People with a disability are seen and said to be a personal problem to the family. This model is where dehumanization comes into play the most. The medical model is where the worse points of disabilities is bought out and shown as the important points of a situation. It also talks about how the disability can be fixed surgically or medically to help the person fit into the society better. With the medical model society doesn’t show any concern in trying to change things to help the person with disabilities. Instead they expect the disabled person to change to fit into the world of able-bodied people. It is seen that in the medical model that the main focus is the disability in the person but the social model is centered on the disability in society itself. It isn’t something that a certain person say but as in what the world around the person is doing to foreshadow the person and other people like them be it the media or in private meeting. The media plays a major feature of
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