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Have you ever heard when you were younger the sentences, “now now you cannot say that word, it is a dirty word”? Often I wondered what make it a “dirty” word; it is just a word, what could be wrong with it? There are different theories on why certain words are dirty, while others word with the same meaning are okay to use, and the way we use those word effects how others judge, but why. George Washington was one of our nation’s greatest presidents that used words that are now considered profanity. Back in Washington’s time using our so called “dirty words” was perfectly normal. But what changed? William Shakespeare was a famous writer that influenced the way we write and even think today. Shakespeare used the same words in his famous writings that we use today that are “bad word” that was the norm thing to do in his time. But what changed? How is it that if a person said the word “butt” it is perfectly acceptable whereas if a person uses the word “ass” people look down upon that person’s character? Many theories have been created on why certain words are bad. There is the generation changed theory, religion theory .class theory, and the theory on the words just sounds bad. All though the years the generations change on how we think and do things. For example, in George Washington and William Shakespeare generation there were not “dirty” words, but now we teach the children not to use certain words without any explanation on why they are bad. We just tell them they are inappropriate to use. In the religion theory we can talk about hell as the place, but if we say “what the hell” the word hell becomes offensive. People can say that you can be heading to eternal damnation, but if we say you can be “damned” people for some reason distraught with the person. Damnation and damn have the same definition but different meanings toward people. Have you even been

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