The Dirty Professor

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The Dirty Professor. Since the dawn of time men have been interested in the form, shape, and being of the female body. There is no man alive who can say that the female body does not peak his interest unless he is a homosexual. That being said, what about all the fathers, teachers, and doctors in this world? Is it right for them to marvel at a woman’s body seeing as how they either have a daughter or is meant to teach or heal them? In” The Dirty Professor” an article in the Ethicist that was published on September 19, 2008 talks about a professor of philosophy at a small public university who is planning to have his pre wedding bachelor party in a strip club, and the article raises the question of whether someone who represents a university and is paid to instruct young women should participate in commercialized stripping of women and if it is even ethical. The dictionary defines Ethical as something pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality as well as pertaining to right and wrong in conduct. So would the teacher going to a strip club for his bachelor party be ethical? Going to a strip club for your bachelor party has been a tradition for almost every man since probably strip clubs were first made, it is as well as a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, so just because you’re a school teacher and teach young women who are probably the same age as the strippers you shouldn’t go? I think not. The teacher would only be wrong as well as unethical if he does not treat the young women that he teaches as well as any other woman with respect. But if that were the case he would not be a teacher. A teacher should not be treated as someone who is above all others, or as the great because then they would be expected to do and not do things a certain way like a pope or president.
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