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Hannah Smith Book Review 2 Mr.Eury October,19th,2010 Dirty Jersey How would it feel to go from zero to hero of your high school? Well just asks Eric Pose, sure he doesn’t have a players swagger, a ballers style or enough game to catch every girl. Unlike his sister Kenya, who is popular and sings like an angel but Kenya just wants to live the life of the rich and famous: bad boys and fly girls. Dirty Jersey by Phillip Thomas Duck is about Eric Posey, a very uncool, Butt-of-every-joke kid and his rise to fame. Eric has a one-in-a-million encounter with famous rapper Fiasco, Eric’s all time idol. Fiasco enters Eric into a world Eric has never seen before, the world of the Dirty Jersey crew. This crew is made up of the hard-hitting, gang banging thugs fiasco grew up with. Eric now has the world at his finger tips fame, girls, respect everything he yearned for. With all this fame comes a price and Fiasco just named that price Kenya. Eric’s new stardom comes too a halt when he has to rescue his sister. Eric stops thinking of himself and starts thinking of family, which always comes first. Phillip Thomas Duck wants readers to realize that with fame comes a price no matter how hard you worked to get there. Duck lets us know that down the road of the rich and famous somebody always get hurt or left out even when you had no intention on that happening. He also describes the real movers and shakers behind the gilts and glamour we never get too see in the media. He shows readers that you can’t forget where you come from even when you’ve traveled down the road less traveled never forget how hard you had to work to get down that road. Basically, Duck gets to the nitty-gritty of life behind the fame of every great star.

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