Dirty Boy Essay

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The writer of the article Dirty Boy uses different places and things to talk about to exaggerate and intensify the idea about the nature of men’s hygiene. She talks about the three men who have a significant role in the article; Max, Mark and Mr Anal. She talks about men and their beds, swimming clothes, rotting trainers and Indian takeaways lying around scattered everywhere. Even though she hates men’s hygiene and is disgusted by it, she says that you can’t have a man who is as clean as Mr. Anal and as dirty as Mark and Max, she says that you need a man in between because ‘You just can’t have a dirty weekend without one’. The article starts off with the Headline ‘Dirty Boy’ and underneath it, a subtitle ‘Wish your man was less of a slob?’ They both suggest the nature of males. They are boys, then men who are slobs inside. The abstract noun ‘wish’ suggests that it is a fantasy that men will always be slobs and can’t be changed. The phrase ‘your man’ has a possessive determinant which gives the impression the reader has a man which can start to put together the target audience for the piece of writing. ‘Was’ is a verb which implies that the man is definitely a slob, they are making the assumption as if the reader didn’t know he was. The concrete noun ‘slob’ in this simple sentence adds to the idea that the writer is branding the reader’s man with this title. The use of this word tells the reader that their man is without a doubt, a slob and say it as if it a perfectly normal thing. After this dramatic and brave entrance in the opening of the article, the writer goes on using lots of hyperbole in everything she expands her ideas about. She uses the word ‘whopping’ to describe one difference between men and women which is exaggerating suggested they are two opposites. The phrase ‘fragrant and buffed to perfection’ which describes women contrasts the short but
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