Dirtbike Jump Snapshot Essay

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Dirt bike Jump I see the jump and I think to myself “you can do it, you seen other people doing it, how hard can it be”? I knew I had to just have to do it before I started second guessing myself. I reach my hand down and pull the kick-start out. I put my foot to the kick-start take a deep breath and drop my foot down on the kick-start and hear the engine roar to life. I twist my wrist and give a few confidence boosting revs of the engine, hearing the exhaust crackle as let off the throttle. “Good” I thought to myself “everything seems to be running smoothly”. I extend my left hand forward and squeeze in the clutch; I put my left foot on the foot peg while holding myself and the bike up with my right. Quickly I scan the area to ensure no one will get in the way, “coast is clear” I thought. While still holding in the clutch I move my foot forward over the foot shifter and lightly push my toe down, I feel a slight click from under my boot and the bike is in first. I can feel more sweat coming down my face. This isn’t the same sweat that has filled my boots and helmet from riding all day, this was sweat from nervousness. I slowly let out the clutch and put into the throttle and feel the bike start quickly moving forward and I was off. I twist my wrist hard and start picking up speed quickly. I knew there was a trench I had to clear for the landing and I would rather overshoot it and land on flat ground then come short and land in it. As I am picking up speed my bike is roaring and I hear the rpms climb high. I put my boot under the foot shifter and lift up and the bike is still screaming but the rpms have dropped, I am accelerating very quickly now; I think to myself “There’s no turning back now”. I see the jump coming very close now and I do one more upshift to get into third. I am about 10 feet away now and I whisper to myself “I’ve got to much speed” but there’s

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