Dirtbike Essay

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A feeling of freedom It’s the rev of an engine and the quick pop of a clutch. Its that first smell of the spring mud and the wind slapping against your face. Most people don’t like mud, or the idea of a chill brisk wind blowing against them, they much rather stay warm and clean, but however for me its that feeling of freedom I get. I’ve always preferred a barren landscape, no buildings, no cars, just a large field with more than a few acres covering it. I could look at this field, where most people would call it bland and boring, I would look upon it as my own battlefield, a place that I could tear up without anyone complaining. It’s a really difficult feeling to explain, its like when I pull in my clutch and kick the gears up in my engine a bit; seeing all that mud, and hearing it fling a dozen yards behind me as I speed off in the opposite direction. I know at this moment that I am in paradise and that I am truly free. “A surge of strength and energy brought on by a dangerous situation, by, or as if by, adrenaline; An event or activity which causes such” Adrenaline, is probably the scientific way to how I feel. Seeing those rolling hills, the smell of dirt and gasoline and hearing a screaming engine and the wind blowing against me is enough to make me smile uncontrollably. Danger is also just a part of the thrill. Sure falling hurts, and there may even be permanent damage, but its no big deal to me. Once I give it a kick start all my worries and concerns disappear. Its like the engine drowns out the sound and thoughts of the many problems I face daily in life. My feelings never were always this way. I was first introduced to dirt bikes at around the age of 12 or so. I remember a small red bike with a 50 cc engine, I could probably pick the bike up with one hand now, but back then a bike like this was a big deal to me. I remember feeling intimidated, the

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