Dirtbike Essay

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1. First remove the seat by removing the two bolts on the rear sides of the seat and slide it back. 2. Next remove the rubber strap holding the rear of the tank down. 3. Using an 8mm socket remove the bolt holding the top of the tank to the frame. 4. Remove the fuel line from the petcock. (Don’t forget to turn the gas off...) 5. Remove the bolt holding the petcock. 6. Next remove the two lower shroud bolts on both sides, leave the top ones in place. 7. Remove the tank and shrouds as a single unit and set aside. 8. Clean the top of the valve cover off to remove any dirt and debris. 9. Remove the spark plug cap by pulling up firmly, it may take a good tug, move it off to the side. 10. Next remove the vent hose on the rear of the valve cover and remove the two 10mm bolts. 11. Carefully remove the valve cover making sure you don’t damage the gasket. (You can re-use this gasket if you don’t damage it.) There is also a rubber sealing ring on the spark plug tower, don’t loose it or let it fall into the cam chain tower. 12. Next remove the cover on the lower right side case, I believe it's an 8mm allen. 13. Turn the motor over clockwise until the punch mark on the gear lines up with the arrow mark on the side case. Check to be sure that the cam lobes are facing to the rear of the bike, if they are pointing toward the front keep going until they face back and the punch mark aligns up with the mark on the case. 14. Check the cam gear to make sure the two marks on the gear are level with the surface of the head. 15. Inset your feeler gauge under the intake lobes, it should slide in with a slight drag. .005" is spec for the intake valves; if it won’t fit try the next size down etc. Write down your measurements for both left and right valves. 16. Next do the Exhaust valves by sliding your

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