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Scenario for Task 1 and Task 2 NHS England is increasing its transparency within the community and has been making efforts to improve the quality of services for patients in recent years. However, where there are still concerns about the quality of care services considered to be short of the expected national standards resulting in patients’ lives at risk, general practices, hospitals or specific departments have had to be closed down. Other factors that have led to the closure of units, centres and hospitals have been financial, integration of centres, lack of specialist skills or poor management. The Health secretary has also exclusive powers to close down or downgrade a hospital under clause 119 in the Care Bill. A recent case is the Mid Staffordshire hospital (further reading on its public enquiry NHS England work with the NHS staff, patients, other stakeholders and the public to improve the health care of citizens in England. “The NHS belongs to the people”- according to the NHS constitution. The NHS relies heavily on accurate Data, Information and shared Knowledge in all its operations and management decisions. These are often published and made available to all stakeholders as purported in its constitution. The goal is to involve all stakeholders, respect their views, support and develop the commissioning of services as a collective effort. For this reason a project has been launched that focuses on “Shared Decision Making” ( Statistics Dedicated Departments of the NHS are responsible for publishing essential operational and management statistics that range from Ambulance Quality indicators, Bed Availability, Cancelled Elective, operations, waiting times, attendance at A&E, diagnostic waiting times etc. Data is disseminated at the appropriate organisational level for the relevant

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