Direct to Consumer Advertising

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Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising Pharmaceutical companies advertise their products through multiple mediums. These advertisements appear on TV, radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers and are directed to the general public. Individuals who see these ads can take this information to their doctor to inquire about curing their ailment. Some believe that these advertisements have created an over-medicated population for symptoms that may not need to be treated with prescription drugs. I believe that these advertisements do not cause harm to the overall population and in fact, help educate individuals who may believe they have the symptoms of an undiagnosed disease. Pharmaceutical advertisements have been increasing throughout the years, especially in television commercials. These ads discuss different scenarios that may relate to a specific individuals symptoms, age, or gender. This tactic is used to reach a specific demographic at specific times of the day. Such as, Viagra commercials during a football game or Boniva commercials during daytime talk shows. Some believe that this is causing individuals to go to their doctor and demand they check them for said ailment and prescribe them a medication to cure them. This is not the case. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to get their medications known, they are not trying to diagnose every individual who has these symptoms. The FDA requires that all commercials list the side effects and that the individual discuss with a doctor prior to trying said medication. Due to the drugs needing a prescription, an individual would not be able to take the medication unless a doctor has confirmed their disease and written a prescription. The individual may have the disease in question but by no means is the doctor required to give the advertised drug, there may be a drug in the same classification that
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