Direct Democracy In America Essay

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The freedom that we can enjoy in this country is the product of the founding fathers and all their efforts in the history of the United States to make this country a fair and just place to live for the American people. Throughout history our country has had its fair share of injustices as well as ratification of those injustices for the betterment of the moral in this country. Such movements such as the abolition of slavery. In the beginning of the formation in this country there were actions such as those that this country later acknowledged to be morally wrong and has changed them in its due time. There was always much opposition to any change as there always is. This country throughout time according to the fitting circumstances formed amendments that fit according the age that the United States was in once again under the moral explained above. As mentioned for example the abolition of slavery in the thirteenth amendment namely; “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,…show more content…
But in a time where there is much more vocal opposition and cries of justice by the people of this country it is but ever so prudent to fathom that untimely the people fed up with this system will turn this country into one that directs itself under the direct democracy system. Now if I was more of a politically correct person this might actually work out. But a direct democracy system is more over like the one that operates as of right now in this economy. What can be more democratic than being able to elect your leaders through public note? That would be one side of the question. But the other flipside of the coin lies in being able to manage our own system without representation would be but the maximum form of direct democracy out there because the community would be able to take it not account their own wellbeing and it lay in their own
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