Direct And Circumstantial Evidence Essay

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Direct and circumstantial evidence court cases By: Alisha Murphy Criminal evidence Go to the Oyez Project, or any search engine and select two Supreme Court criminal cases, one containing an example of direct evidence and one containing an example of circumstantial evidence. Make sure that you properly cite the case, and also make sure that you cite the location in the court decision where you paraphrased or directly quote the information for your answer. You'll also need to cite the web page in your reference page. Direct Evidence Margret Bradshaw, Warden V. Kenneth T Richey In 1987, respondent Kenneth T Richey was tired in Ohio for aggravated murder committed in the course of a felony. Evidence showed that respondent set fire to the apartment of his neighbor, Hope Collins, in an attempt to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who were spending the night together in the apartment below. The intended victims escaped unharmed, but Hope Collins’ 2 year-old daughter Cynthia died in the fire. At trial, the state presented evidence of respondent’s intent to kill his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, but not of specific intent to kill Cynthia Collins. The state also offered expert forensic evidence to show that the fire had been started deliberately. The respondent did not contest this forensic evidence at trial because his retained arson expert had reported that the State’s evidence conclusively established arson. Respondent was convicted of aggravated felony murder on a theory of transferred intent and sentenced to death. His conviction and sentence were affirmed on direct appeal, where he was represented by new counsel. Circumstantial evidence Hartman et al V. Moore Seeking to convince the United States Postal Service to incorporate multiline optical scanning technology, a company (REI), which manufactured multiline optical

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