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The ability to practice diplomacy is a skill and talent not easily acquired nor yearned for. In addition to requiring years of studying and training, this rigorous job asks for compassion and a strong stride. These modern-day heroes save the lives of the forgotten and abused using every tool given to them with the exception of violence. Many men and women have attempted the balancing act of staying alive while negotiating and compromising with political monsters out to make a name for themselves in blood. Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of these brave adventurers out to save the world with all his diplomatic guns in hand; his words. This Brazilian diplomat died on the field but will always be remembered for his humanitarian and political programs efforts. As a diplomatic powerhouse Sergio Vieira de Mello sacrificed the essential components of normalcy that most regular people take for granted. He started what became a lifetime career for him at the U.N. in 1969 straight after University. Working for the United Nations proved to be a demanding and high risk job for Sergio as he was typically called by co-workers and friends. Early on he was sent to work for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva. Then he traveled to numerous parts of the globe including: Bangladesh, Sudan, Cyprus, Mozambique and Peru; working as a humanitarian and participating in peace-keeping operations. Not only were the missions time-consuming taking years to complete but dangerous. Vieira de Mello was compromising with tyrannical leaders and attempting to get many distraught people to safe refugee camps. His passion for peace through negotiation made him press on; sacrificing his personal life, time and well-being. Recognizing his dedication and intelligence he was appointed to multiple important positions. In 1981 his first high ranking job was as Senior Political Advisor

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